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Petite Shoes Sizes 6 and smaller

If you have a small foot size, finding shoes in your size may not be easy.
And if you are petite as well, you may be looking for really comfortable high heel shoes (for work or play) to gain a few inches in height. Here are some great online retailers who carry small sized shoes. Shopping online is often easier and less intense than shopping in a crowded store. Most of these retailers also offer free returns!

Popular petite shoe stores:

Zappos: A very popular online shoe store with many famous brands, they have sizes 2 and up and free return policy. They ship shoes ridiculously fast.

Cinderella of Boston: The store carries petite sizes from 2 to 5 1/2 in narrow, medium, and wide. They have their own shoe line and have shoes including: high heel pumps, sandals, casual footwear, sports shoes and evening shoes. Prices range from $50+ per pair, but the store does run frequent promotions.

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Your feet take a beating and hold up your body all day so the proper petite shoes are essential for both good health and an attractive appearance. While dresses and pants can be altered, shoes can't be shortened. Children's shoes might fit . . . but they're not fashionable. Here are the basic shoes every woman should own at least 1 pair of:

The right shoe for every occasion:

Choosing the right shoe for the activity is the best way to keep your body and feet healthy while getting the most out of what you are doing.

  • Dress shoes for parties and special occasions.
  • Athletic shoes include 3 pairs: for 1) walking 2) running 3) hiking
  • Sandals for the summer.
  • Work shoes every day shoes that are comfortable, and classy.
  • Boots include 3 pairs: 1) to wear to work 2) to wear in the winter time outdoors 3) Rain Boots

The Right Shoe for You

To find the right shoe for you, there are several tips that can help ensure you will be walking through life comfortably:

  • measure your foot and always buy the right size – never try to make another size “work”;
  • choose quality materials that stand up to the test of time and wear;
  • your shoes should fit snugly but not cramp your toes; and
  • your feet should never slip out of your shoes at any time because it can cause serious injury.
  • Don't wear flip flops other than on beach, there's been recent studies that it's not good for your feet or back
  • Make sure to buy a size bigger for hiking shoes. Feet swell during hike and tight shoes may cause a nail loss.

Having the proper shoes will make you look and feel your best during any activity of your life.


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