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Petite Sophisticate Puts Cutting Edge Fashion in Proportion

The Petite Sophisticate gives women the cutting edge fashions they want in the proper proportions to perfectly fit their size.  Petite Sophisticate has been in business for almost three decades and was one of the first major chains in the United States to gear their garments toward petite women.  With sales of 6 million dollars in 1983, by 1989 the Petite Sophisticate appreciated sales in excess of 168 million dollars, evidencing the need for sophisticated petite clothing in the American marketplace.  Formerly part of the Casual Corner Group, in January, 2006, the Charming Shoppes, Inc. acquired the trademark and Internet domain rights to Petite Sophisticate.  By September, 2006, the Petite Sophisticate Outlet was launched with 44 stores in 23 states.  The Charming Shoppes owns other quality retail specialty stores such as Lane Bryant, Catherines and Crosstown Traders.  Petite Sophisticate launches its new, updated web stores in November, 2007.

Petites looking for the perfect fit will be pleased at the incredible selection of wardrobe options at Petite Sophisticate.  From career wear to casual wear, petites have a variety of choices to suit their personal preferences when shopping at Petite Sophisticate.  Often the quality of the clothing offered at this specialty store is compared to high end department stores such as Nordstrom.

Petite Pants and Jeans

Jeans selections vary from low rise to high rise jeans in straight, boot cut and flared styles.  Classic work trousers are tailored and offered in ideal proportions for professional petites with a shortened rise, sized down waistband, smaller cuffs and shortened legs for an ideal fit that does not require hemming.

Petite Dresses and Skirts

Timeless skirts are featured in pencil, a-line, pleated styles in all lengths that take petites from the office to an evening out in style.  Dresses are flowing and offered in designs such as tank, sheath, turtleneck and wrap.  From a business meeting to dinner at the country club, the dresses and skirts at Petite Sophisticate take a women where she has to go in style.  Because the skirts and dresses feature repositioned darts, scaled down prints and trim, adjusted armholes and a shortened length, they always have a great fit.

Petite Tops

From tanks to tees to classic button up shirts to sweaters in materials such as cotton, rayon and cashmere, petites can find the tops they want in a size that works at Petite Sophisticate.  Tops are featured for work, dress wear and active wear in a wide variety of traditional styles.  Because the tops have a shortened length, narrower shoulders and adjusted armholes, they fit petite women perfectly.

Petite Jackets and Outerwear

From button up wool blazers for work to active wear fleece jackets to a warm parka for casual wear, petites can find outerwear for all reasons and seasons at Petite Sophisticate.  Because the coats, jackets and blazers are made specifically for women 5'4” and under, they never overwhelm a petite frame.  Outerwear is made with smaller buttons, scaled down collars and necklines, proportioned pockets and narrowed shoulders so it looks terrific on petite fashionistas.

Petite Career Wear

Professional petites frequently lament the need to have business clothing hemmed to achieve the tailored look for a business edge.  Petite Sophisticates knows how to suit business-minded women 5'4” and under who prefer not to have to take time to get their clothing tailored.  With adjusted armholes, repositioned darts, narrowed shoulders, smaller buttons, scaled down collars and proportioned pockets, the career wear is ideally suited to the petite professional.

Women shopping the Petite Sophisticate will appreciate browsing a store that caters to their special needs and offers top of the bill clothing in the latest designs for both business and pleasure.

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